21 members present
Facilitator: Jenn

Voting - 3/4 majority to pass
Blocking motions will be given speaking time, but 3/4 majority will overrule a block
Traditional hand gestures will be encouraged - illustrations posted online

Goals of equity and all-inclusiveness
Focus on local issues

Explanation of vision (posted online in more detail):

(1) Using our power and numbers to create a more just and sustainable society for all.
(2) Providing tools and training opportunities that will empower community members to organize.
(3) Building a forum in our community that encourages people to participate in the process of direct democracy.

All input is valued equally.

1st meeting - establishing how the group will be run - meeting frequency, workgroups?

Issue identification is an initial focus (focus on a few issues to facilitate training) to create action campaigns

In direct democracy, you represent yourself.

Direct action is a strategy to achieve goals. Forms: Protests, noncooperation, withdrawing consent from institution to change, interventions (blocking roads, disruptions) creating sustainable solutions

Nonviolent, grassroots group

Address injustices in our community first. Helps to maintain independence. Not reliant upon mandates from elsewhere. Our success isn't measured off of national successes.

Open questions:

How do we vote?

What constitutes the community we will be addressing?
Less theoretical grievances

Suggestion that solidarity will extend to Peoria? Agreed.

Working with the educational aspect of the common action free school to provide direct action.

Meetings alternate weekly between common action free school and this group? agreed

CAFS is about educating ourselves together to increase awareness of issues. Empowerment to use our knowledge and skills to educate the community. Long term goals include building relationships of mutual aid in the community - more compassionate and cooperative.

Can diversity be addressed by meeting places and times? (Disabled, elderly, children, public transportation access, etc.)

Chess cafe was suggested (handicapped & bus stop accessible)
Public parks - less intimidating, good for summer weather
Alternate between Normal and Bloomington?

How do we choose to communicate to the public about these?
Posting in a public place (library, coffeehouse, panera, etc.)
call trees?
Public access tv?
Build human relationships in the community to draw in new people

Coordinate pickets with meetings?
Might become ritualistic and counterproductive?

Future meeting dates/times:
Coordinated with CAFS meetings usually held Mondays at 6pm in the Normal coffeehouse

A 6pm Wednesday meeting time was proposed for the larger DDP planning meeting; 3/4 majority passed

Second meeting won't happen until two weeks from now (May 16th, 6pm; at the same location - Withers Park, in downtown Bloomington)

In case of rain (info included in any flyers), proposals included the bloomington public library covered parking deck, Illinois peoples action community room, chess cafe, normal coffeehouse basement, keep a consistent location?

Decided upon a rain location of Illinois peoples action community room, 510 E. Washington St. Handicap accessible (elevators)

Website forum and facebook page - direct democracy project


Next meeting, come prepared to discuss a local issue to pursue an escalating campaign of direct action. Begin to brainstorm ideas on the online forums.
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